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At the Oscars last week, Rebel Wilson and James Corden appeared to read the nomination for the best visual effects category. At that time both of them were wearing cat costumes and had a joke with acting like a cat playing a microphone. Then before giving up the award in 1917 as the film with the best visual effects, Wilson and Corden said that they understood the importance of good effects. The satire is related to the failure of the Cats film globally. Cats lost 100 million dollars. Even since the trailer was first released, Cats has caused controversy in the public eye. To know more about it, you can go to 123 movies.

The Visual Effects Society criticizes jokes from Wilson and Corden. According to them, the failure of Cats (2019) lies in a bad story. Yves McCrae, one of the people who worked on the Cats visual effects, also quipped both of them. Cats actually try to achieve success such as by putting up big names in the world of entertainment to join the project. In addition, they use a combination of CGI and digital fur technology so that the entire body of the player will look like coated in cat fur. We will still be able to clearly see the faces of the actors and actresses behind these feathers. Cat markers are only found on fur, tail, and ears.

Cats failure has a long tail. Yves experienced layoffs and the studio working on the Cats visual effects was closed. The Visual Effects Society confirms that the artists, technicians, and innovators behind visual effects in the film industry deserve appreciation. Oscar is supposed to appreciate the hard work of people who have tried to display the best visual effects. Moreover, Yves said he had worked 80 hours a week to make the Cats real. Behind each other’s accusations about the failure of the film Cats, in fact, this is not the first time the controversy regarding the visual effects of a film emerged. There are many other films that also experienced the same thing.

One of them is The Mummy Returns (2001). At that time the film, starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz as the main character, made The Rock an antagonist alias Scorpion King. This is where harsh criticism appears. The visual effect displayed on Scorpion King is so bad that it looks ridiculous. So it is with Harry Potter and the Sorcere’s Stone (2001) especially when the fight scenes of three friends Harry, Ron, and Hermione with a troll in the bathroom. Nevertheless, Harry Potter is still preferred by fans because it is considered to present a different storyline.