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Enjoying a Christmas vacation is synonymous with gathering with family in a warm atmosphere. Watching entertaining family films with happy stories may have become commonplace. For horror movie lovers, there are many horror-themed Christmas holiday films to make this Christmas Eve feel more exciting and adrenaline. Starting from the terror of zombies, aliens, to a collection of creepy tales on Christmas Eve.

Here are some interesting Christmas holiday horror films to watch this holiday.

– All The Creature Were Stirring
“All The Creature Were Stirring” is an anthology film consisting of various short stories in it. The story begins with a man and woman who passed Christmas Eve alone, they decided to spend time together even though in awkwardness. They watch an absurd mysterious theater performance, but we as viewers will be shown a variety of stories with more interesting visuals. Starting from the version of the Christmas carol horror version, alien attacks on Christmas Eve, a bloody Christmas party, and several other interesting stories. If you want to see how chaotic Christmas can be in this movie, you can watch it on https://filmschoolrejects.com/all-the-creatures-were-stirring-review/.

– Better Watch Out
Next, there is “Better Watch Out”, a horror-thriller with a twist that is quite interesting. Tells the story of a teenage boy named Luke who went through a bloody Christmas Eve with a nanny paid for by his parents, Ashley. Luke secretly harbored feelings for Ashley and quite enjoyed the time they would spend together that night. Until terror from strangers turns things into tense. There are some cheap horror scenes in this film that might make us upset and upset. However, the presence of a twist in several stages of the story makes this story look more exciting to watch.

– P2
“P2” is a horror with a nuance of modern femme fatale which is quite interesting to watch on Christmas Eve. Tells the story of an office lady Angela who is getting ready to go home from work on Christmas Eve. She wants to celebrate Christmas Eve with his family. However, the plan must be destroyed when Angela is trapped in the parking basement in her office building. Not the best Christmas horror film, however, the simplicity of the plot of “P2” makes this film can be enjoyed while relaxing.

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